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You can download the entire album in zip format (including LP Cover Art) (35.8 MB) or you can download individual songs, or play them through your web browser below.

The Pelican Show — 1974

Highlights From The Summer’s Best Performances

Star Island

Isles of Shoals, Off Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The Pelican Show — 1974

RAYMOND HARDIN, Musical Director

Side One

Band 1. The Introductory Skit

  • A Television Parody, Featuring (in order of appearance.) Terry Bouricius, Leslie Bannon, John Robbins, Dave Phoenix, and Brian Fey. – MP3
  • [audio:http://pelicansarepelicans.org/audio/1974-Pel-LP/theintroductoryskit.mp3]

Band 2. The Pelican Chorus

  • The Drummer and the Cook (arr. Jacobsen) – MP3
  • [audio:http://pelicansarepelicans.org/audio/1974-Pel-LP/thedrummerandthecook.mp3]
  • The Barbershop Quartet
    • Wiffenpoof Song [Trad. Yale Song] – MP3
    • [audio:http://pelicansarepelicans.org/audio/1974-Pel-LP/wiffenproofsong.mp3]
    • Coney Island Baby [Anon.] – Ray Hardin, Terry Bouricius, Peter Kolbjornsen, and Dean Jorgensen. – MP3
    • [audio:http://pelicansarepelicans.org/audio/1974-Pel-LP/coneyislandbaby.mp3]
  • Pelican Solo – I Sit Beside the Fire (word by J. Tolkien) – John Robbins, vocal and guitar – MP3
  • [audio:http://pelicansarepelicans.org/audio/1974-Pel-LP/isitbesidethefire.mp3]

Band 3.

  • Down East Monolog – Stu ‘George’ Georgitis – MP3
  • [audio:http://pelicansarepelicans.org/audio/1974-Pel-LP/downeastmonolog.mp3]
  • The Maintenance Crew (words by R. Joffe) – Featuring Paul Coleman, Stu Georgitis, Peter Kolbjornen, and Lyle Ramshaw (piano and earphones) – MP3
  • [audio:http://pelicansarepelicans.org/audio/1974-Pel-LP/themaitenancecrew.mp3]
  • The Kitchen Crew (represented by Dean Jorgensen and Dennis Walsh – MP3
  • [audio:http://pelicansarepelicans.org/audio/1974-Pel-LP/thekitchencrew.mp3]

Side Two

Band 1. Summer’s Song

  • Here Comes the Sun (G. Harrison) – Randy Good (guitar) and John Robbins (guitar and vocal) – MP3
  • [audio:http://pelicansarepelicans.org/audio/1974-Pel-LP/herecomesthesun.mp3]

Band 2. The Madrigal Singers

  • Fa Una Canzona (O. Veech) – MP3
  • [audio:http://pelicansarepelicans.org/audio/1974-Pel-LP/faunacanzona.mp3]
  • Awake! (R. Wagner) – MP3
  • [audio:http://pelicansarepelicans.org/audio/1974-Pel-LP/awake.mp3]
  • Breathe Soft, Ye Winds (W. Paxton) – MP3
  • [audio:http://pelicansarepelicans.org/audio/1974-Pel-LP/breathesoftyewinds.mp3]

Band 3. The Best of Pel Show Performances

  • Listen, People (Anon.) – Randy Good, guitar, Robin Lovely (guitar and vocal) – MP3
  • [audio:http://pelicansarepelicans.org/audio/1974-Pel-LP/listenpeople.mp3]
  • Melissa (G. Allman) – The Jazz Quartet: Randy Good, Hadrian Merier (guitars.) John Robbins (guitar and vocal), Dean Jorgensen, electric organ. – MP3
  • [audio:http://pelicansarepelicans.org/audio/1974-Pel-LP/melissa.mp3]
  • Farewell To Tarwathie (Trad.) – Sung by Vange Bicknell – MP3
  • [audio:http://pelicansarepelicans.org/audio/1974-Pel-LP/farewelltotarwathie.mp3]

Band 4. Finale

  • Oil Refinery Blues – Words by the Staff of ’74 – MP3
  • [audio:http://pelicansarepelicans.org/audio/1974-Pel-LP/oilrefineryblues.mp3]
  • Pelican Encore – Words, V. McGill, Tune, J. Marais – MP3
  • [audio:http://pelicansarepelicans.org/audio/1974-Pel-LP/pelicanencore.mp3]

Ever since 1947, when John Woodworth organized the first Pelican Chorus, the Pelican Show has been put on weekly each summer for the entertainment of the conferees. But, in truth, it seems as if the Pelicans themselves enjoy it even more than do the conferees. The summer of 1974 stands out in particular for two reasons. First, there was a well of talent to be tapped on the island, as well as people who had inherent talents for making people laugh. Above all, the Music Director was outstanding for putting it all together each week.

But the second reason is not so obvious. Living and working together creates a unique opportunity for a great spirit of unity to form amongh the Pelicans on Star. It is hoped that this can be felt while listening to this album.

This record was made possible by several people: Lynn Stewart, the president of Pel Club, Terry Ward, the Treasurer, and most of all, Ray Hardin, whose patience each week was as durable as East Rock in a nor’easter. And, of course, the Pelicans helped a little bit, too!

H. P. M.

January 1975

The Pelican Club

  • Lynn Stewart, President
  • Raymond Hardin, Musical Director
  • H. Perry Mixer, Recording Engineer & Producer
  • Recorded Live in August, 1974