Pelican Reunion Conference Registrar

The registrar is a member of the Pel Reunion Steering Committee and, in time, carries a lot of the “institutional memory” of the conference.  The registrar gets free room and board for the weekend (one person only). The position is a 5-year term, renewable indefinitely.





  1. Attend meetings:
  • Star Island Corporation (SIC) Chairs and Registrars meeting in February (attendance is optional for the registrar after the first year)
  • Pel Reunion Steering Committee meetings in the fall and spring


  1. Process registrations:
  • Receive registrations and room and board deposits; input data; follow-up with conferees for any missing info (e.g., Minor Medical Release forms).
  • In 2010 the SIC will test a pilot on-line registration system with selected conferences. All conferences should expect to transition to on-line registrations in the next few years.


  1. Registration fees and room and board deposits:
  • Record conference registration fees (this money is used to fund conference programming and activities).
  • Record room and board deposits
  • Forward the checks to the Pel Reunion Treasurer (monthly).


  1. Provide updates on the conference count to the SIC registrar (weekly) and the Pel Reunion Steering Committee (as requested).


  1. Acceptance letters:

Traditionally the registrar has collected a SASE from each conferee and forwarded these to the chair(s) for the acceptance letter mailing. Conference chair(s) who choose to send the acceptance letter electronically will need to be sent email addresses.


  1. Compile and copy address lists for distribution at the conference.


  1. Receive and process conferee scholarship requests


  • Process special incentives that have been set up by the Steering Committee with clearly defined criteria (e.g. “$30 for the first 30 people who are under 30”)


  • Other, needs-based scholarship requests should be deferred to the Steering Committee or its designated subcommittee.