Annual Fund Volunteer

Annual Fund Volunteers work with Peter Squires, the Star Island Director of Development, to coordinate fundraising for Star Island during their conference. All needed information and materials will be provided by Star Island Corporation (SIC).

Volunteer Expectations

  • Sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure sensitive handling of donor information.

    • Schedule an initial orientation/training call with Peter at least 6 weeks prior to the conference. The purpose of the call is to review results from the prior years, set goals, discuss plans, and to answer any questions.
  • Identify and confirm additional annual fund team members as appropriate, with assistance from conference leadership. Note that each conference is different – some have a large team, and others have only a few volunteers. For larger conference, it is best to have more people to split up tasks.
  • On island – meet with Peter early in the conference week (Saturday or Sunday). You and your team will be given all necessary materials (annual fund pins, gift envelopes, donor history reports as needed, and any other collateral materials).
  • On island – during the week, volunteers will hand out annual fund buttons to those who have donated, make announcements about the annual fund as appropriate, make personal solicitations if that is the determined strategy for the conference, and potentially staff a table in the lobby to promote the annual fund and answer questions. Different volunteers can staff a table at different times/days, and it typically only takes about 20-30 minutes before or after lunch or dinner

.• On island- SIC staff will manage updating a poster in the lobby keeping track of donation totals, and also manage collection and recording of all gifts with the Front Desk Pelican Staff.

  • On island –SIC staff is available throughout the week to assist and answer any questions or help with tasks!
  • Post-conference – send thank you emails or notes to donors with assistance from SIC staff

.• December – send follow up emails to conferees (administrative duties will be managed by SIC staff including drafting the emails)

We are deeply grateful for all who volunteer for this very important effort.  We want to make this an enjoyable experience for all who are willing to help.

Thank you!