Pel Reunion Conference Policies

Adopted April 7, 2013


Pelican Reunion Conference Covenant of Right Relationship:

We are committed to be a community of people who love, aid, and support Star Island and each other; welcome and celebrate diversity; and foster and maintain a nurturing, inclusive environment. As part of realizing this mission we strive to ensure the existence of a safe community for all.

Therefore, the relationship among us all must be one that promotes mutual respect and safety. We seek to create an environment free of intimidation; coercion; harassment; assault; physical, sexual and emotional abuse; and neglect.

We will strive to support all who have served and love Star Island and who come together as part of our conference, embracing safe and healthy behaviors within our community.


Safe Children’s Program Policies

  • All children’s programs will be conducted with a minimum of two adults present. All children’s programs will be held in public spaces. Parental supervision of children at all other times is expected.
  • Leaders of all children’s activities will be required to sign the Code of Ethical Behavior for the conference.
  • If an allegation of abuse or inappropriate behavior is made, the person to whom notice is given will contact the Conference Chair, the Steering Committee Chair, or the PIT Crew Coordinator, who will notify the other individuals mentioned above as well as the parents/guardians of the children involved, on island management, and others as specified in the SIC Safe Community Policy.


Housing of Minor Individuals

Children are housed in accordance with the Star Island Corporation policy.  If teens or youth are roomed together with age peers, conference leadership will assure that appropriate adult supervision is provided.


Admissions Policy

Decisions around whether to admit an individual who has exhibited troubling behavior or about whom concerns have been raised will be made by the Steering Committee (not the conference chair/s alone) in consultation with Star Island Corporation management.


Registration Policy

Pelican Reunion welcomes individuals who have served as Pelicans or staff at Star Island along with their partners, children, extended family members, and significant others. By registering for the conference you agree to abide by the conference’s Covenant of Right Relationship.

A copy of these policies will be sent to the Star Island Corporation office annually and posted on the Pelican Reunion website. These policies will be reviewed by the Pelican Reunion Steering Committee annually at their autumn meeting.