Pelican Reunion Governance

2021 Pelican Reunion Steering Committee


Purpose: continue the conference with a mission to serve current and former Pelicans.


Specific duties: Choose leadership—annual conference and Steering Committee (SC) at the fall meeting. Manage finances and approve expenditures. Determine registration fees and annual conference attendance goals. Manage financial assistance. Support the conference chairs.


ROLE 2021 Term Ends (fall)
SC Chair Nancy Meyer

Nathan Soule


2026 / 5y

Secretary (ad interim) Deb Weiner Soule 2021
Registrar Nancy Meyer/Richard Case 2022 / 5y
Treasurer (on island) Deb Weiner Soule 2021
Rotating Member Kirsten Sorensen 2024/ 3y
Rotating Member Roy Lockhart 2023 / 3y
Rotating Member John Lintner 2021 / 3y
2019 Conf Chair(s) Lisa and Roger Medley 2020
2021 Conf Chair(s) Cayce and Nate Soule 2021
2022 Conf Chair(s) Ellen Clegg 2023
PIT Coordinator Abby Lourie 2021 / 3y


Pelican Reunion Steering Committee Subcommittees


Support the conference with energy and ideas and provide future leadership.

Annual Fund Rep Miriam Coe and John Lintner 2021/ 3y
Scholarship Karen Mairs (Chair) 2021/ 3y
Auction Coordinator Sarah Mason (Chair) N/A
Website Administrator Matt Baya N/A
Ombuds   annual
Governance (ad hoc) Greg Case (Chair) N/A
Council of Conf. Rep. Ben Soule N/A
STAR-tender Bob Romero  




Steering Committee Chair calls, leads, and sets the agenda for Steering Committee meetings, in consultation with other committee members. Identifies and appoints members to the Steering Committee and consults on subcommittee leadership and membership. Assures that SOPs for Steering Committee roles and subcommittee chairs are up-to-date and posted on the web site. Is a main contact for the SIC. Is a designated signatory on financial accounts.

Secretary records and distributes meeting minutes. Maintains the Steering Committee member list and terms of appointment and posts on Update the Steering Committee email list after the fall meeting. 

Registrar receives, records, and processes conference registrations. Sends regular attendance updates to SIC and to conference steering committee. Attends SIC Chairs and Registrars meeting(s). Prepares address lists for distribution on island. Is a point of contact for SIC and conferees.

Treasurer manages conference finances. Maintains savings and checking accounts and reports annually to the Steering Committee. Reimburses conference expenses on island and post-conference. Is a designated signatory on financial accounts.

Past Conf Chair(s) serves as an information resource for the current chair and the Steering Committee. A past Chair is one of two representatives to the Council of Conferences (presumptive – can assign another person to attend). 

Current Conf Chair(s) can be one or more people. Ideal model would be more than one Pel bridging many Pelican years (e.g. multi generation family group). Manages the current year’s conference (SOP to be developed). Chairs the Conference Programming Committee.

Next year’s Conf Chair(s) attends Steering Committee meeting(s) during “apprenticeship” year.

Rotating Members are, ideally, new to conference leadership. Members who could take on future leadership roles. (3 positions)

Pelican Reunion Steering Committee Subcommittees

Subcommittee Chairs are ad hoc members of the Steering Committee. They are chosen by the Steering Committee at the annual post-conference meeting. 

Subcommittee Chairs are asked to make a 3-year commitment. Membership on Subcommittees is determined by the subcommittee chair in consultation with the Steering Committee. Subcommittee members are not members of the Steering Committee and are not term-limited.