Dear Pelicans!

As you should have read – the Fire Marshall and Safety Folks have reviewed all the work as well as the plans for further upgrades. As those of us you have ever worked on the island know – we will ALWAYS be needing to make things safer – and pick up the bits and pieces (some pretty big) that were done quickly and need to be finished properly – for our safety, not just to satisfy inspectors.

Just from the loss of 5 full weeks and the cost of the various trained safety consultants and licensed State approved engineers to do the work, we have lost a significant amount from our reserves. For us to complete this season, pay the accrued bills, and prepare for next season we MUST make up the losses.

We must complete the 2007 Annual Fund Drive of $625,000 — ** EQUALLY ** important is that we really need to each evaluate how much this piece of rock – that is so much more – means to us and give more generaoulsy than ever before as the additional funds just to cover the expenses of this year is an addition $1.2 million.

This makes a GRAND total of $1.825 million as soon as We Shoalers can manage.

To make this easier – there is a SECURE link at the website – so you may donate on line. If you are so moved – you may also send a check (relieving the island of paying the credit card company to transfer the funds).

You can mark that you are a Pelican and should be “categorized” as part of Pelicans or Pelican Reunion (even if you have not yet made it to Pel Reunion!).

Also check the web site for regular updates.

I hope to see at least some of you who live nearby at the Banquet & Pel Show fundraiser this Saturday!

Sincerely, Joanne Bulley
’76 & ’77

Thank you to everyone who has offered support during this very challenging time. It is heartening that so many people have responded with generous donations, fundraising ideas, and words of encouragement and support.

I am happy to tell you that we now have the capability of accepting Visa or MasterCard donations directly through our website. There is a link to the secure form on the Donating page at Here’s a direct way to get there:

Please let other interested Shoalers know.

Thank you. Together we can meet these challenges.

Karen Muldoon
Development Director


Brian Winters
Development Associate
Star Island Corporation
10 Vaughan Mall, Suite 8, Worth Plaza * Portsmouth, NH 03801

(603) 430-6272 * *