Here in Dover,(NH) we have a bar called “The Barley Pub”-which primarily sells local/microbrews, no food and has live music. On days that it snows, they sell $1 Guiness. (I don’t care for Guiness, but – it was a buck!), it was also the only place open yesterday….nasty nasty snow storm, anyways…..On the wall, over the bar, a rifle of some sort is mounted with a plaque that reads “This gun was used in the capture and transport of Louis Wagner, of the Smuttynose Island Murder infamy in 1843” or something like that, the only connection that I can see, is that they sell Smuttynose Ale, but I thought if anyone was REALLY interested in that, or has a spare minute on their way to or from the Island, its kind of neat, plus we have a great down town to walk around…. or come stay at The Schooner House Inn! 🙂
Karen Mairs