Dear Pelicans, Penguins, Volunteers, friends, family members and all those who will be joining us on Star Island over Labor Day weekend,

Good Night Irene!  We hope you survived Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene with minimal damage and inconvenience.  Now it’s on to more fun thoughts.

Pelican Reunion conference is just around the corner. We have a lot of fun activities planned.  In addition, on Sunday we’ll be honoring and remembering some pillars of the Pelican Community at a Service of Remembrance led by Debbie Weiner-Soule with music from Ben Soule.

For the conference, please remember to bring:

An item for the Silent Auction.  A silent auction will run throughout the weekend in Newton Center.  Please bring an item (or items) to donate to this fun activity.  Proceeds will benefit the Island. Some items from past auctions include photographs, artwork, hand made items of all types, t-shirts, services, garden bulbs, Pelican memorabilia, and much more.  Let your imagination run wild!

Book(s) for the Book Swap Lottery. The Lintners will be organizing a book swap: bring a book/take a book, bring two/take two.  This is a great way to learn about new authors and share your favorite books with others.  (See book swap lottery rules, below.)

An item for Yankee Swap.  We swap “treasures” that you can’t get just anywhere.  No backs (until next year)!

A talent for the Talent Show.  We are combining with the Laity Conference to present a Talent/Pel show. Individuals are invited to perform. The island music director, Sam Mansfield, will be leading a Pel-again chorus.

Photos of our Greats.  As part of our Remembrance Celebration, we invite you to post pictures of past Pelican pillars [say that 3x fast] in Newton for everyone to enjoy on Sunday.


Boat times and additional information about boats, parking, and luggage can be found at

*** REMINDER – You are expected to be on the dock at least 90 MINUTES prior to it’s departure.***

If you have any questions about the conference, please don’t hesitate to email Nancy ( or Melanie ( or email Matt Baya ( if you have a registration or boat question.


We can’t wait to see most of you on Friday and everyone by Saturday morning!

Nancy and Melanie






  1. Bring a book to leave; take a different book home with you on Monday. (Bring two; take two. . . )
  2. Place books on table for reviewing soon after arrival on island.
  3. Each book should contain a 3×5 card with a brief description of the book’s content and interest and the name of the person who brought it.  (Blank cards are available on the table.)  These cards and books are available until the actual swap takes place.
  4. The actual swap will be some time on Sunday or Monday.  (See schedule on green board in Lobby.)  Please do not take away books before the lottery in Number 5.
  5. At the time of the swap, we will have a lottery to determine the order in which the books may be selected.

Questions may be directed to John Lintner.