Dear Pelican Reunion Friends,


We are delighted that you will be joining us for the 2017 Pelican Reunion Conference!  This year promises to be a lot of fun, and we are thrilled that you will be part of it.


Ferry (Boat) Schedule

Remember you are REQUIRED to be at the dock AT LEAST 90 minutes before the boat departs.

Friday, September 1

Departure: Portsmouth 12:55 p.m.  Arrival: Star Island 1:55 p.m.

Saturday, September 2

Departure: Portsmouth 9:25 a.m.  Arrival: Star Island 10:25 a.m.

Sunday, September 3

No scheduled conference runs but there will day visitor boats.  Info at:


Monday, September 4

Departure: Star Island 1:15 p.m. Arrival: Portsmouth 2:45 p.m.


For more information about boats and parking among other topics, visit:

For those of you who may need overnight accommodations in Portsmouth on Thursday or Friday, before catching the early conference boat, former Pelican Mark Woolley, Manager at the Best Western Plus Portsmouth Hotel & Suites, is offering a 25% discount (on reasonably priced $160 rooms) while rooms last.  To make a reservation with a “Former Pelican discount”, please contact Mark directly at  And, please make your reservation soon!



If you want lobster dinner on Sunday you must pre-order by August 24. Lobsters are  $16 a piece. You will receive a ticket for each lobster you purchase upon check-in at the front desk. Send your lobster order to


On the Program for Pel Reunion


We have some new activities in response to your surveys from previous years. This year, Shelley Snodgrass will lead a variety of yoga classes–hopefully, we can schedule in Brookfield & the Summer House! Sunrise? Sunset? Either way, a great stretch. I was introduced to Yoga at Star!  Bring your own mat if you have one–there are tons in Brookfield as well as some yoga “blocks”–(I don’t know what you do with them). She is also a talented artist & will be hosting a “Porch Art” class & will also be donating to the Auction!


Our Minister of the Weekend, the Rev. Robin Bartlett, Pastor at the First Church in Sterling, MA ( ) will conduct candlelight chapels in the evenings as well as a children’s chapel. We will be sharing a Chapel with Star Gathering (formerly LAITY) on Friday night, as well. 


There will be Contra dancing Saturday night with Dudley Laufman- shared with the Pels and Star Gathering! 


We are pleased that John Lintner will be hosting a book swap AS WELL as leading some sing alongs of well-known songs. (I repeat–I will NOT be singing.)


Julie Sakariason Romero will be hosting a recipe swap–excited to see what you all bring!


Nathan Soule will be teaching a “Chain Mail” jewelry workshop–if you have needle nosed pliers, bring them! All other supplies will be provided.


And, once again, we look forward to Social Hour hosted by Deb Weiner Soule and Nancy Meyer (with beer from Smuttynose Brewing Company) and paid for by your generous donations!  


Moreover, we eagerly anticipate the Silent Auction (bring something upon which others will bid to help raise funds for the Pel Reunion Scholarship Fund)–if you forget, the Shops on Star now offer GIFT CERTIFICATES!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Yankee Swap (bring a Star-themed “gift” valued between $10 and $20 to exchange with your fellow conferees). Again….if you forget, there are GIFT CERTIFICATES available!


We have more on the docket and are still trying to work out details for a work project on Island, etc.  We will post all activities on the chalkboard in the Lobby.


For Parents:  PIT (Pelicans in Training) Crew

This is our children’s program, managed and overseen by Deb Weiner Soule and Ben Soule.  All registered families will receive an informational email from Deb and Ben.  If you have questions, please contact Ben directly (  The PIT groups meet Sat afternoon, Sun morning and afternoon, and Mon morning.  The groups are led by “anchor teachers” and volunteers from the conference.  We will need your help to ensure that safe child-adult ratios are maintained.  Please email Ben to volunteer to help (all adults are welcomed and encouraged to help!) and make it easy for all of us by signing up before the conference begins.


There will be a twenty-minute MANDATORY orientation for kids and parents just before the Saturday afternoon PIT program!

Please note that while the current Pelicans serve as Hall Monitors in the evenings on the second floor of the Oceanic (beginning at 8 PM and finishing at 11 PM), this is offered for the entire second floor and should not be considered babysitting. Parents must be easily accessible at all times.  Parents are also asked to pitch in and monitor kids during Social Hour. We encourage parents to make sure their children are in bed at these suggested bed times – well-rested kids are happy kids:  ages 0-4: 7:30 PM; ages 5-9: 8:30 PM; ages 10-13 – 9:30 PM.

Volunteering Before Pel Reunion

For those of you who are keen to relive your bygone Pelican days and volunteer:

Should you wish to come early and volunteer for a couple days before the start of the Pelican Reunion, please contact Nat, the island volunteer coordinator:


Always welcome

  • Pelican photos
  • Books for the book swap
  • Musical instruments
  • Yoga clothes (and mats)
  • Yankee Swap and Silent Auction item(s)
  • Ideas for talks or activities that you would like to offer (send those to


Volunteers During Pel Reunion Conference

We know that those of us close to Star Island are always ready to help!  We could use help with the following:

  • Silent Auction helpers
  • PIT Crew volunteers (to assist with a kids’ group and help supervise PITS during social hour)
  • Social Hour helpers for adults and kids on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings
  • A bunch of other stuff that I need to talk to Nancy about 🙂 Name tags & all kinds of easy stuff!

Conferee Address List

We plan to distribute a conferee address list on Island with your name, address, phone number and email address.  If you prefer to limit that information, please contact our Registrar Matt Baya ( no later than August 24.


We are thrilled that you are coming.  There are 100 terrific reasons to come to Pel Reunion and you are one of them!! (Thank you for registering & please share with the rest of those Pels & friends that you want to see!) RATS, RATS, Cinaeco, Cinaeco, rah, rah, rah!!


Best regards,

Karen C. Mairs


Keller Williams Coastal, Lakes & Mountains Realty