Hello Pelicans present and past.  We had a great Pelican Reunion Conference Steering Committee meeting last weekend.  The Committee now has Chairpeople and a new membership structure ( more to follow on this).  We are planning for the 2009 Conference.

We will be sending out periodic newsletters through this web site over the next 9 months to keep you all posted on what the conference will look like, opportunities for scholarships, etc.  We are very much looking for your input so please contact us anytime with your thoughts, questions and ideas.

Idea number one for you all to work on:

We want to build an Island Trivial Pursuit game, Pelican Edition.  We want to have a very large possibly ongoing trivial pursuit game going during Reuniion  but to do so we need all your help.  We need from all of you questions and answers of trivial facts and events that have happened during your time on the island or stories you have heard.  We need to know the year of your event.  Things like what year did B.J. and Tom set the Chapel on fire, those kinds of things.  The more questions/answers we get the better the game will be.  Start those memories going but remember we do not want to make anyone too uncomfortable or ruin any relationships or political careers.  We will establish teams of competitors with a mixture from all the decades.  This will help us all get to know what has happened over theyears and get to know some new people.

Look for a Pelican Reunion page on Facebook coming soon.

We are gladly sharing the weekend with Laity once again this year.

There is one week this year between LOAS II and Pel Reunion.  We are working to see if we could create a work conference during that time to be able to give back to the Island, stay tuned for more information on this.  We are also going to look into an earlier arrival option for those traveling further or wanting an extra day on the Island.

Here is the really big challenge, we need you all to talk to everyone you possibly can about how great Pel Reunion is, dig through those old pel papers as well as your Christmas card list, connect with others through facebook.  This is our 29th year as a conference.

Talk with you all soon,

Bruce and Carole