Greetings from your 2014 Pelican Reunion Conference Chairs!

It is with great pleasure that we announce Nancy Wood will be our Minister of the Week(End).

Nancy Wood, ordained in the United Church of Christ, serves in ministry as a pastor, hospital chaplain, and church consultant. Nancy has co-authored two books, Dare to Dive In: Strategies and Resources for Involving Your Whole Church in Worship (Abingdon Press, 2006) and Talking Faith: An Eight-Part Study on Growing and Sharing Your Faith (Chalice Press, 2004), as well as several articles and numerous worship resources. She leads retreats and workshops in both local and national settings. She is a graduate of Smith College and Harvard Divinity School.

When she is not working or running around with her children, Meg (17) and Rye (13), she enjoys running, biking, reading, writing, knitting, sewing, and baking pies. Nancy grew up going to All Star I and was a Pelican (life guard, bell hop, and deskie) for three years during college.

Nancy will lead candlelight chapel on Saturday and Sunday nights. She will be using Pelican Encore by Ginny McGill as the basis of those services.

We hope you join us and Nancy and your Pelican Alumni and Friends at Pelican Reunion Conference. Register here:

You will come back! (this year!)

Phyllis and Chris Carleen
Chairs, 2014 Pelican Reunion Conference