The History and Mystery of the Isles of Shoals

By Laura Knoy on Tuesday, April 7, 2009.

They are nine rocky, barren islands set about 10 miles off the New England coast and divided by Maine and New Hampshire. But despite their bleakness they’ve contributed greatly to our state’s history, as a prosperous fishing village in the 1600’s, a center for arts, thoughts and ideas in the 1800’s and a place for spiritual renewal as well as marine and environmental science today. We’ll talk to the producer of the first ever film documentary on the Isles of Shoals about their long history and what they’ve come to represent for our state.


This documentary is airing on NH & VT Public Television in early April. Visit for broadcast times. DVDs are also available for purchase through their site.

An Island Kingdom chronicles the culture, scenery and 400-year history of the Isles of Shoals – an isolated chain of islands ten miles off the coasts of New Hampshire and Maine. A captivating look at a little-known piece of New England by Vermont filmmaker Andrea Melville.

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