susie-phoenixSusie Phoenix began attending All Star Family Conferences at the age of six. She and her family kept coming back through her childhood and adolescence. She was a Pelican in 1971 (Snack Bar) and 1982 (Bell Hop). She continued attending All Star 2 as a young adult and then with her own family. She co-chaired Pel Reunion in the 1980’s with Anne Fenn and Steve Manning, and co-chaired All Star 2 in 1998 with Steve Manning.

Susie’s participation in Star’s tradition of lay-led Chapel services, along with its strong sense of community and history are a major part of Susie’s to choice to go into ministry. She received her Master of Divinity from Andover Newton Theological School, and was ordained into UU ministry in 2004. She received accreditation to practice ministry in The United Church of Christ in 2010. She has served 5 churches of varying denominations and blends and has worked in hospice, prison, and nature ministries. More recently she has been working with special needs children as she drives them to and from their programs. She also professionally tends gardens for 7 months a year. For the past 18 months she has been engaged in Buddhist practice and study and has attended many Buddhist retreats. She is in the process of formulating her own unique, emerging community ministry.