Star Island Update – 3:00 p.m. Thursday 9/2/2010

Dear Conference Leaders,

Thank you so much for your assistance and patience during this unpredictable time. Please review this email and notify your registered conferees ASAP:

1)       As of this time, after speaking with the Coast Guard, evaluating path projections, and consulting with our staff, we have made the unhappy decision to close the island due to the forecasted impact of Hurricane Earl. This means that we will not be running any boats out to Star for Pel Reunion and Laity conferees.  We are also evacuating the island of all volunteers and staff members save a few essential personnel. We believe that an island evacuation is the safe and therefore only call to make given today’s worsening forecasts.

2)       We are working with the Thomas Laighton on setting up a boat on Sunday for your conferees (weather permitting), should they choose to come out for the night.  Rates for this night (per person) would be Triple: $108; Double: $117; Single: $154; Motel Double: $132; Motel Single $220; 12-17 year olds $89; 6-11: $61—for reference, these are the Conference Overnight Guest rates listed in the Conference Handbook on page 8. We will be updating our web site,, over the next couple of days with more information on this option should it become available.

3)       In the unlikely event that the forecast changes in our favor overnight and hosting guests becomes possible, we will post options for coming to the island on our website,

Over the next few days, we will be updating the website regularly and conferees can check for updates there.

All deposits will be refunded unless otherwise donated to the island.

Thank you for your flexibility and understanding as we work with everyone’s safety at the forefront of our minds.


Shannon Roecklein
Assistant Conference Center Director
Star Island Corporation
30 Middle Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Island: 603-601-0488
Office: 603-430-6272