Dear Pelican Reunion Conferees,

Several remembrances are being planned to honor and remember our friend and mentor Dave Pierson, who died on Thursday, August 9.  Dave and Edith touched so many lives and we will miss DDP greatly.

Deb Weiner Soule will lead a celebration and service of love and remembrance to honor Dave’s contributions to the island and especially to the Pelican community on Sunday, September 2 at 2:00 PM in the Chapel, during our conference.  A ceremony to place memorial stones in the Memorial Courtyard in memory of Dave and also of Andy Gordon — who served as a mentor to Pelicans for so many years — will immediately follow the service. All are invited to attend and we hope to be joined by members of Dave’s family, current Pels, and others in the wide circle of lives he touched.  A brief social time will follow these ceremonies.

On Monday, September 3, a service is being held at South Church in Portsmouth at 4:00 PM to celebrate Dave’s whole life. The service was kindly timed to allow those of us attending the Pelican Reunion Conference to attend the service.

Bruce Parsons is collecting photos and memorable experiences and memories with/of DDP to compile into a book to give to Edith and the family. Please pass this concept on to anyone you know and have them email Bruce at or post on the Pelican Facebook pages (“PELICANS ARE PELICANS” or “You Know You Were a Pelican on Star Island If…”)  by September 15.

Finally, we have begun very initial discussions of a lasting memorial to Dave and his profound role as a mentor to so many generations of Pelicans. More info will be presented at the conference and in the months to follow.

If you would be willing to help organize the reception after our on island service, I’d be very grateful.  Also, donations for the memorial stones and a more lasting memorial for Dave and for Andy can be made by sending a check payable to “Pelican Reunion” to Cayce Soule,  P.O. Box 453, Shirley, MA 01464. Specify “memorial donation” in the memo line.

Thank you everyone and I look forward to seeing you soon on island.

Nancy Meyer