Dear Friends,

A celebration and service of love and remembrance to honor Dave Pierson’s contributions to Star Island and especially to the Pelican community is also planned for Sunday, September 2 at 2:00 PM on Star Island in the Chapel, during the Pelican Reunion conference.

A ceremony to place memorial stones in the Memorial Courtyard on the island in memory of Dave and also of Andy Gordon — who served as a mentor to Pelicans for so many years — will immediately follow the service. A brief social time will follow these ceremonies. All are invited to attend.

The Uncle Oscar is planning runs that day that will bring you to the island in time for the service. Please reserve spaces with Sue Reynolds at

Also, you may be interested in this story from from a few years ago:
LIfe on a star – Eliot couple, now 80, recall their caretaking days at Isles of Shoals

Please email or message me with any questions.

Nancy Meyer