YOWZA! Look at that! The discount has been extended! Make sure you sign up for Pelican Reunion Conference now! We’re gonna have so much fun! http://pelicansarepelicans.org/reunion/

50% off Room and Board for Former Pelicans in 2013
Register online today to receive discount

This is the summer for Pelicans to return to Star Island. Star extends its 50% off room and board discount through the entire 2013 summer. Any former Pelican who qualifies as a new Shoaler or has not attended the full length of any summer program in 2011 and/or 2012 is eligible for this offer.

This is your chance to come back and experience Star Island from the front porch, the dining hall, and all the guest spaces you can imagine.

Register online today for any full length 2013 summer program and you’ll receive 50% off room and board.

See you on Star Island this summer!

-The Star Island Team